World of Warcraft Login Screens?

Now, I have been playing WoW for 7 years
and this game was first released in Europe on
February 11, 2005.

(The longest game I've ever played on)

Wow, these years have gone fast!

And also, each expansion that we have had been through,
there's been various changes & updates.


I've been wondering lately
of all the login screens we have all seen over the years.
Which one has been your favourite??

This one? Mmm...I do love the dragon.

Or? Will this draw you in?

How about this one?? The Dark Portal to the Unknown, very luring.

Or Perhaps this one? This dragon will indulge you into your deepest desires...

Or maybe, the well guarded world of pandas will give you a touch of asian freshness??

So, what is your favourite login screens?

What has been your favourite WoW Login Screen?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to add the Original WoW Login Screen into my Poll.

So, if you love the vanilla one, hands up!!

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