Tigule and Foror's ....Pomegranate Ice Cream

Now you must be either thinking

I'm totally crazy or just plain stupid
to even consider making an icecream

Yes & No..really.

One, it certainly wouldn't be the first thing I would of thought about in an icecream


secondly, out of all the fruits available to me in my local supermarket,
I bring back home, a rock hard reddish looking fruit called an

So, I searched long and hard on the internet
to find out exactly how to cut open
this fruit and how to make it into an juice.

Now I stumbled...and I mean stumbled across this


the funny thing was, the explanations on how to make life
easier of cutting open this un-usual fruit
was so 'easy'.

Or, I could of gone down the Jamie Oliver route & got out my wooden spoon and smacked the hell out of it until it exploded everywhere...which probably wouldn't had been an good idea, seeing as I do have slightly pinkiest wall, I don't think adding to my walls would of enhanced my room.

Anyhow, I ended up making up ice cream for the first time in my life
& probably the most easiest way of making ice cream in such a short amount of time. (Excluding freezing time)

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Tigule and Foror's ....Pomegranate Ice Cream

  • 2 large Pomegranates
  • 500ml double cream
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • 175g icing sugar


1. Firstly begin with the pomegranates and turn the fruits into juice. (Have a look at how to seed a pomegranate for a step by step guide).

2. (Look at my piths of my pomegranate!) Time to say Bye Bye and Hi to Juice!

3. Add the lime juice, icing sugar and double cream and whisk until soft peaks form. In which over a short period of time, your liquid mixture will become a lovely pale cream colour. (Now you can either whisk by hand, like I had done & be an noob, which took me ages & ages, or you could use an electric whisk & get the job done quicker!)

4.  Pour the ice cream into the airtight container of your choice & freeze it for about 4 hours or overnight. (I had left mine overnight)

5. Next day.... you have ice cream! Whoop! All you need now is this and wow. What a perfect way to end an raid...or day.

Would you still buy it from
Tigule and Foror for 5 silver,
knowing that this was so easy to make??

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